Traditional Spanish design is at the heart of my classical guitars. Therefore the work of Torres and his contemporaries has had a great influence on my builds. Hence my use of the simple 5 to 7 fan strut design. Employing the same methods and materials that have been passed down for generations. My classical guitars are built for the most part using hot hide glue.

The design is dimensionally similar to Torres’ concert guitars with a more modern shape inspired by Daniel Friederich.  My construction method is the very traditional Spanish. Using a domed board (solera) the soundboard is constructed first, which is joined to a slipper heel neck. Finally the sides and back are fitted using a mold connected to the solera.

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The concert model benefits from the following:

Bracing – advanced bracing pattern developed over many years to deliver the best possible in sound, projection, balance, sonority and colour.
Tuning –  the soundboard is tuned at multiple stages to deliver the optimum performance .
Wood – choice over my entire stock of premium tonewood*
Finish – A meticulously applied French polish
Ascetics – all the quality details you expect from a concert guitar from beautiful intricate rosettes to precise marquetry.
Options – configure your guitar to an exact spec in consultation with myself
Machine Heads – top quality machine heads featuring roller bearings

* some options occur additional charges

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